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 This site is for everyone to show their support for Ray and Elaine's trip. I invite folks to send me your own Introductory words of wisdom and I will add them to the list below.

Bill - Elaine's Dad...

I built this sight to commemorate Ray & Elaine. As witnessed by their decision to undertake this trip ... They have "SPUNK". I am very uncomfortable with "SPUNK", unless of course I am not involved :)

My first reaction to their planned trip was - "You have got to be nuts!" But they forged ahead and proceeded with the months of planning and preparation. These two put a lot of work into getting things ready. So much so that the hardship of the actual trip had paled quite dramatically by the time they were ready to leave. I figured they could handle anything if they could pull off the preparation thing.

Then "D" day came. They loaded up - and miraculously the canoe still floated. The "Trip" was on.

Who's Next...



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