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20080719 - Bill & Marita

Well done kids ... may the sun shine and the mosquitoes be few and far between :)

20080730 - Peter, Gisele & Victor visited the "Dynamic Duo" in Norway House.

Hi, The ride to Norway House was good ,only a little construction. We
got in earlier than we thought we would .Not too much trouble finding
the motel R&E wanted to stay in .They did not get in until after dark
and did not land at the motel as they had hoped. They called us and gave
us some good landmarks to locate them  but we couldn't find anyone who 
recognized them. After driving all over the place on our own we finally
ran into a couple of RCMP officers who showed us the site. We would never
have found it on our own.
They were tired, having canoed 17 hours straight without stopping to
make meals. They looked great though. Nicely tanned.
We fed them and sent them to bed.


20080730 - Andrea Klassen

Words of Wisdom re bears in the wild.

Thank you Andrea :)

20080801 - The Card

Me kids have sent their old Da a birthday card from the raw bush land of northern Manitoba.

Now, other than the reference to me old and useless body parts ... it did warm the cockles of me heart. But let be known to one and all - the cockles of me heart is not all that is warm these days.


PS ...
I am NOT the one in pink pants. At least I am pretty sure it is not me anyway.

PS2 ...
This card was carried through miles of wilderness, rapids and rain; used to fend off bear and beaver attacks; and miraculously, not eaten when it was too wet to cook. The insides were filled with glorious prose and then lovingly mailed in Norway House. It arrived in perfect condition.

Then Marita entered the picture. She is a dear woman, and the apple of me heart, but never let her carry coffee and mail at the same time :) In the torturous trip from the post office to home, the darlin' card became a wee bit soiled. But now it at least looks like it came by canoe:)

Thanx Kids - We Luv Ya!

20080814 - Ken & Aurore - The Kids Call

The "Travelling Two" called Ken & Aurore last night ...

"phoned tonight.

They are hoping to be in York Factory by Monday evening. Being picked up by the plane at noon on Tuesday (weather permitting) and we are meeting them in Gillam when they land. We are planning on being back in Winnipeg sometime on Wednesday, likely evening. 

They are motoring now rapids are all behind them."

Ken & Aurore

20080815 - Gisele & Pete - "Where have all the beach balls gone?"

Okay - you have to own a few years to catch that reference ... but Gisele & Pete have sent an interesting comment  -  read on :)

Have you ever wondered where beach balls go when the wind takes them
away from you as you sit on a beach???
Elaine found these caught along the shores of northern Lake Winnipeg.
She brought them to Norway House ,played with them a bit, then left them
under the picnic table we had breakfast (Pete's special
egg,bacon,tomatoe and cheese toasted sandwiches) at
so they could be found by some lucky children.

This what Raymond and Elaine look like after a 17 hour canoe "day trip".

Gisele & Pete

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